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What Are People Saying?

We are down to the last week and still a way to go, but we have been energised by the feedback we have received from everyone, in particular those we have had the pleasure of showing our Zero Series to.  Just in case you have missed it or are teetering on the decision on whether to support us or not, here is the feedback with a few relevant photographs – please enjoy this, we are certainly feeling good about it! And click HERE to support us!

“If anyone is teetering on the edge of backing this watch, don’t hesitate. It is certainly one of a kind.”

“So there was I sold on the OHI2 and now I’m seriously considering upgrading my pledge to the OHI3. The domed sapphire does an amazing job to ‘pop’ the face of the SNGLRTY. The colour sheens used for the dials are very subtle indeed. I’m torn!”

“Pulling out the crown to change the time shows the true synchronicity of the counter-rotating minute dial and hour hand. Ingenious.”

“I was reading your blog on SwissReimagined and there’s a lot of great detail there about how your design came about… …Amazing work! I even glanced over the 11-page patent (makes you weep).”

“I suspect most people who glance at this campaign simply won’t get what you’ve achieved.”

“Outstanding design guys, well done! Look forward to receiving my order.”  

“Clearly a lot of design thinking and technical craftsmanship has gone into this little beauty.”

“Our eyes were wide opened. Big grins on our faces. These watches are something special. Build quality is second to none. I’m now even more excited and can’t wait to receive my customised model!”

“I can’t wait to get my hands on this little design marvel!”

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