Unique display

Patented Single Hand Time Display


Conceived in Hong Kong, Engineered & Manufactured in Switzerland


Impeccable Engineering & Uncompromising Design


Built on Trusted Swiss Technology

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Accurate Time From A Single Glance By A Mechanical Chronometer

SNGLRTY – conceived in Hong Kong and crafted in Switzerland – is a Swiss-made chronometer that is the world’s first watch to be able to accurately display both hours and minutes with a single moving hand.  The micromechanical module to achieve the One Hand Indication (OHI) is positioned above the mechanical movement and the distinctive hour hand frames the minutes beside the relevant hour location, resulting in a watch face that is composed of up to five visible discs.

Telling time from the classic two hand display needs to be decrypted from the positions of the hands, in contrast a digital display presents an answer. SNGLRTY presents the time so that it does not require decryption but utilising a classic analogue movement. The logical consequence was to use the 12 hour display, but the challenge was to display the minutes accurately with the classic sweep of the hour hand. The solution to this challenge is the core of SNGLRTY, by sending the minutes counter clockwise all the information for accurate time reading could be presented at a single location and assimilated in a single glance.

SNGLRTY is the long overdue next step in the evolution of the chronometer and reaches out to those who identify themselves as different from the crowd and embrace new technology and innovation. They cherish the precision of a Swiss watch, the desire to differentiate themselves from the crowd and to have a conversation as well as timepiece.

Launching through a crowdfunding campaign in February 2018, to be as up to date with developments please share your email with us and we will ensure you are the first to know launch details first and be eligible for exclusive promotions.