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Quite an experience…

….to live back in Switzerland and to once again work with Swiss companies and ateliers. Our innovative @snglrtywatch watch project brought me back to my roots  proving to be a very motivating experience for both, the private and professional life.

For SNGLRTY, it of course was very helpful that we could rely on existing relationships while at the same time exciting to add new ones and be challenged.

While some established companies did not seem very open or flexible to work with (kind of) start-ups, we found several that were great to work with who were open and ready to share their specific know-how, thoughts and even heart blood.


In that sense, Stephen Mansfield and I would  like to thank Alain Schiesser of LE CERCLES DES HORLOGERS and Jean-Francois Mojon of CHRONODE SA for their openness, support and hard work; CADRANOR SA with Daniel Broglie for their detailed mind and professional manufacturing and all the other companies that helped with prototyping, manufacturing and  other important contributions.


Last but not least, we thank and enjoy working with our friend Yvan Ketterer of YK FOR, partner in crime on all the design work.

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