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OHI2 – Limited Edition & Luminescence Update

Daniel has been working hard with Yvan from who has worked tirelessly to develop rough designs for the SNGLRTY OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION which will be released next week on 28 February 2018 on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  We have been taking all the comments we have received and distilled them down and come up with 3 designs.  These are certainly not final but will give you a great feel for how the watch will look.

When you purchase one of our Limited Edition watches you will receive the option to choose either black or white for the 4 discs that make up the face, that is the hour disc, the minute disc, the second disc and the centre disc.

OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (All White)

This first design is the “All White” version, the center disc is actually galvanic light silver with a stamped pattern and both, the hour and minute discs are micro-blasted, frosted white with multi-layer painted numerals for the hours.  You will also get to choose a PVD blue hand or a brushed rhodium hand.


OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (All Black)



For contrast we have here the “All Black” version with the contrasting brushed rhodium hand and all the discs in black. There will also be further options for those of you who have requested Swiss Super Luminova on the watch indexes, we will be making this available for everyone as an additional optional extra on any of our watches.



OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (Black & White)

We did a contrast version so you can understand how it may look with black and white. You may notice the hour index is an off white, and this indicated the application of Swiss Super Luminova on the hour index and the tip of the hand. For all those who have asked for luminescence on the the watch dial, we can confirm it will be available as an option on all our watches.

Finally, you will notice that the minute index are all the same in these renderings, we are still taking your thoughts on this and will adjust the minute index as we gather more information, but currently this intermediate version appear to be the most popular.  If you disagree please see our post dedicated to the minute index and give us your thoughts.


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