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Making Watch Making History

We have had a number of additional questions and feedback from all sides including professionals, collectors, aficionados, media, retailers and people who love the unique.  Steve and I are very motivated by all the feedback.  Here is a summary of the important points you should remember:

Do Not Forget…

SNGLRTY is the first single-hand watch with easily readable minute indication with a single moving hour hand – this is a patented display and you have the opportunity to have one of the VERY FIRST ever sold.

You will never get this offer again….we know this because Steve and I have the patent.


This really is a unique opportunity to be involved in this evolution in the display of time.  SNGLRTY is made in SWITZERLAND, each one will be individually numbered and engraved at a one-time-only BACKERS INTRODUCTION PRICE. When the campaign is over the prices will at least double!


The OHI2 execution of SNGLRTY is limited to 200 pieces, each piece will be individually number and inscribed on the back to commemorate the public launch of SNGLRTY.

Only those who back us during the campaign will have the opportunity to select their preferred colour combinations at the launch price – did I mention that the prices will at least double after the campaign ends?

See It In Person

You can see one of our prototypes at many locations around the world including London, New York City, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Switzerland.  If you would like to see one before you buy – just get in touch and we will do our best to arrange a viewing for you.

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