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First The Date – Now The Minutes

Steve started off asking all our supporters about the date aperture and from that we received a number of comments about the minute disc and the combination of fonts on the prototypes we have been displaying.  All the feedback has been very gratefully received.

One areas we have received consistent feedback on is the number of fonts we are using, many have said that 3 fonts is too many and we would agree.  Believe it or not we have used only 2 fonts, the date and minute indexes are the same font with the hour differentiated with a contrasting font.  That said, in hindsight, we can certainly see where this confusion has come from with our oversize numerals on the date disc.

But what we were not expecting was the number of comments about the minute disc, this has sent us back to the drawing board and we have come up with a few concepts, we would be delighted to receive your thoughts.

Design comparisons for the minute index in SNGLRTY watch
SNGLRTY – Comparison of Prototype (Left) and Low Resolution Index (Right)


SNGLRTY – Graphic Representation if Intermediate Resolution Index

All the iterations make the minute display larger but the presentation if the minutes have different degrees of accuracy indicated on the index.  Above is the least accurate where we have indicated the 2.5 minute point between the 5 minute numerals with a red dot.

Our intermediate solution here looks great and is really clean but whilst we call this an intermediate resolution it will indicate the time accurately.  If we look at the  minutes from 25 to 30, the numerals have been sized so that 25 is in the mid point between the 2 and the 5, and 26 is indicated on the very right hand side of the 5, 27 and 28 are shown by the index markers and 29 is the very left hand side of the 3 of the 30.  Thus it is possible to tell the time accurately, this enlargement with the overlay will hopefully make the preceding explanation more clear.

The minute movements indicated by overlay


SNGLRTY – Graphic representation of high resolution minute index

Our final version provides the same degree of accuracy but is simpler to immediately understand with index marks for all minutes.  In this representation the minute aperture is not large enough, but, should we choose this route, that will be fixed.

We are open to all your thoughts, please post them up  on our website and we promise to take them all into consideration.

And a big thank you to all those who have already helped us, we love to hear from you.

18 thoughts on “First The Date – Now The Minutes

  1. Sorry a bit late to this but of the three options I would prefer the Intermediate Resolution Index. As a idea what about doing away with the date and second hand and then enlarging the minute disc so that you could then have a marks all on the bottom edge of the visible disc with the number above. Similar to you last design but not have some of the marks above some below. Without the second hand it would then allow you to also make the main hand complete red so as to make it more distinctive, this also could allow for a lower cost perhaps.

  2. Intermediate solution version is clean, but red lines would make a nice colour contrast. Perhaps at the 15, 30, 45 & 60 min mark or alternating.

  3. Hi
    I like the minute disc with red dotes it ties in with the date numbers.

    1. Thanks Kim, for your opinion. Let’s see where the majority heads to.

  4. I would say the “final version” is my choice. Anyone can read this dial accurately and they don’t require special knowledge as in the other dials. It pleases my eye the best as well.

    Lume on the hour markers and the hand is very adequate in my opinion and preferred as well.

    I still think the date window should be enlarged to show the whole date when it is above 19.

    1. Hi David, thanks for your thoughts.
      All noted.
      Date window – the sizes are provided by the movement manufacturers and they are set to always show one date only and as big as possible. Enlarging the opening would then result in showing a section of the previous and following date number.
      So, we kept the date opening as per specifications but increased purposely the date numbers with the goal to make it appear larger and to be provocative and launch the discussion :).

  5. I do like having a more readable minute disc (than the prototype) with minute delineations.

    1. Thanks, Allan. It will be quite a hard decision to take. The visual style, proportions etc. are very important and at the same time the fact of being the first single-handed watch that presents a full 60 minutes circle obliges us to focus on best and easiest readability.

  6. Thank you for listening to the feedback that’s been given. The final version certainly gives clear readings for each minute, but I’m also satisfied that the intermediate version would show sufficient resolution for the vast majority of users. The final version shown here has three font styles, so it’s worth asking if the intent is to rationalise these to two? I’m also wondering if a trapezoidal date window would work, if you’re convinced that a date is essential to include? That shape might be more sympathetic to the polar orientation of the hour numerals.

    1. Hi John, thanks for the “food for thought”.
      Fonts – while it first seems logical to use the same font everywhere you will discover that some fonts don’t work the same on a small or large scale, change the overall design and even look like being different.
      This is a bit the case with the minute disc font. Using the same as for the hours then the numbers are too large and don’t provide the space for other minute lines.
      FInal version – We felt that the minutes font is very close to the one of the hours or at least matching and the date font is simply not yet adjusted 🙂

      Shape of the date opening – good idea to have it trapezoidal but to be checked if the numbers should then be trapezoidal too or if it will become “too much”, too much of polar orientation.
      We will check that out.

  7. For me I would go with the intermediate Resolution Index shown above. but still loving the color red tip of the “seconds” hand

    1. Hi Hanz,
      We will most probably keep the red color on the second hand, thanks. We like it too and it’s the kind of twist we’re looking for. Just sometimes during the design period we will check “what if” and love to see the reactions.

  8. For me, lower left corner is my favorite and easiest to read at quick glance!

    1. Thanks, Sue. Looking forward to the final count of opinions.

  9. Low Resolution Index

    1. Thanks for your opinion, Antonis.

  10. We are working on a solution to the luminous question. We aim to have that available before the launch.

  11. I think I quite like the current ‘final’ version of the minute disc, certainly I am one of those who thought the minute display was too small. The addition of the extra index marks is a neat and unique touch.

    I do think another thing I’d like to see are some fractional marks for the hour disc as well, and I’m somewhat not fond of seeing an Eurostile-type font on a watch again, but that’s just a matter of taste of course. I like the idea of having a grotesk-narrow more for the SNGLRTY.

    And since we’re on the subject of the indexes, will there be any lume on them?

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