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The Questions Have Been Coming Thick and Fast – Answers Here

Q: What is Swiss Reimagined?

Swiss Reimagined is a niche Swiss watch brand that started with the vision of challenging expectations and the status quo. Along this journey we challenged ourselves to develop a watch that was in keeping with our ethos, and those discussions led to SNGLRTY  

Q: Who are Stephen Mansfield and Daniel Blunschi?

Stephen Mansfield is an engineer by training and a serial entrepreneur, Daniel Blunschi has worked in the watch industry for over 30 years. They have both been instrumental in the creation and development of Swiss Reimagined as a watch brand.

Q: Where will SNGLRTY be in five years?

Daniel and Steve have lots of ideas on how to develop the SNGLRTY concept across many distinctive watches.  They are looking forward to releasing them all over the coming years.

Q: What will happen if my SNGLRTY watch breaks in two years?

SNGLRTY comes with a two year international warranty, if anything happens to your watch all you need to do is contact us and we will arrange for it to be repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Q: Where did the idea about SNGLRTY come about?

Daniel and Steve were discussing the watches, the next step for Swiss Reimagined over a cold beer in Hong Kong and they came up with the idea.

Q: Where is the SNGLRTY patented?

A:  SNGLRTY is patented in the USA

Q: What happens if the Crowdfunding targets are not met?  

Swiss Reimagined has secured funding from investors for the initial release of their patented one handed watch so the watches will be made and every backer will have the opportunity to receive one at the special launch price.

Q:  Now that SNGLRTY has secured investment for the initial release will it still be available on the crowdfunding platforms at the launch price?

The crowdfunding campaigns will continue until 31 March 2018 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with the opportunity to reserve one of these unique limited edition watch at the special launch price.

Q: How much will SNGLRTY be after the Crowdfunding campaign ends?

Prices will increase by about two times.

Q: When will SNGLRTY be available via retailers?

The goal is to have SNGLRTY available through retail channels by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Q: Is OHI2 only limited edition?

Every watch that is purchased through the crowdfunding campaigns will be clearly identified as a backer’s watch, so in that respect every watch is a limited edition and for the OHI2 there will be initial backers version and a regular version.  We will be making no more than 200 pieces of these. For the OHI3 and OHI4 each watch will be numbered and we do not expect to make more than 100 of these before we change the design. Every one of these watches will be very unique.

Q: When will I receive my SNGLRTY watch if I have invested on Crowdfunding platforms?

We have committed to deliver the watches to our backers by the end of September 2018, for some backers who have opted for luminescence this may delay their watch by a month.  You can be assured that we will be providing regular updates or you can contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Will I need to pay import tax if I am not in Switzerland or Hong Kong?

You will be responsible for any import duties or VAT or other government levies in the import process.  We will contact you before shipping to ensure this process is as smooth and pain free as possible.

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We have done it, we have secured funding from investors so we have everything in place for the initial release of SNGLRTY. This is very exciting news for Daniel and I and means that we can start production planning and placing all those purchase orders immediately.

The crowdfunding campaigns will continue until 31 March 2018 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with the opportunity to reserve one of these unique limited edition watches at the special launch price. Our goal is to have SNGLRTY available through retail channels by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

You can read the full press release HERE

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Press Reviews

We have been very fortunate and received some wonderful reviews from a variety of press reviews.  Here are the first four and we will continue to update this page as we receive more.


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A Big Thanks

Daniel has been thanking all our supporters who lent their skills to help us achieve our ambition for making SNGLRTY a reality but along the way there were a large number of other processionals who helped us get to where we are today.  Their contribution may not be as visible and tangible but were equally important on our journey.

In this group our most important was Benjamin Hanrihan of Hanrahan Law Firm.  For Daniel and I this was our first patent application and Benjamin was extremely patient with us and took the time to explain every step of the process.  At each point he took the time to ensure we were fully informed of what needed to be achieved and was always available to answer all our questions.  It was a pleasure doing business with him and, should we ever dream up another innovation I for one will be beating a track to Benjamin’s door.

Next on the list has to be Josh Gerben at Gerben Law Firm.  I have been working with Josh for a number of years now registering numerous trademarks.  His service is without exception flawless and he has helped us negotiate two settlement agreements with regard to potential trademark conflicts.  He continues to do work with us and I hold him in high regard. 

We not only had to apply for our patent in the US but when we came to manufacturing SNGLRTY in Switzerland we had to complete a conflicts check.  Here we spoke to the team at e-Patent who provided us with a very efficient and incisive conflicts check process.  Again a group we would highly recommend.

For a bit more of the fun stuff we had a great experience with Digital Business Lab based in Hong Kong. The team led by Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan came up with a number of great ideas and, we think, delivered an excellent final product (you will get to see it on 28 February).  Their attention to detail and ability to bring in a quality production on a tight budget was much appreciated.

Last but not least is Roxy Ogilvy Watson who has been doing a stellar job managing all our social media and developing our media launch strategy.  She has recently set up her own business RareMC and we are proud to be one of her first clients.

Thank you to you all.


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OHI2 – Limited Edition & Luminescence Update

Daniel has been working hard with Yvan from who has worked tirelessly to develop rough designs for the SNGLRTY OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION which will be released next week on 28 February 2018 on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  We have been taking all the comments we have received and distilled them down and come up with 3 designs.  These are certainly not final but will give you a great feel for how the watch will look.

When you purchase one of our Limited Edition watches you will receive the option to choose either black or white for the 4 discs that make up the face, that is the hour disc, the minute disc, the second disc and the centre disc.

OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (All White)

This first design is the “All White” version, the center disc is actually galvanic light silver with a stamped pattern and both, the hour and minute discs are micro-blasted, frosted white with multi-layer painted numerals for the hours.  You will also get to choose a PVD blue hand or a brushed rhodium hand.


OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (All Black)



For contrast we have here the “All Black” version with the contrasting brushed rhodium hand and all the discs in black. There will also be further options for those of you who have requested Swiss Super Luminova on the watch indexes, we will be making this available for everyone as an additional optional extra on any of our watches.



OHI2 – LIMITED EDITION, initial Design Drawings (Black & White)

We did a contrast version so you can understand how it may look with black and white. You may notice the hour index is an off white, and this indicated the application of Swiss Super Luminova on the hour index and the tip of the hand. For all those who have asked for luminescence on the the watch dial, we can confirm it will be available as an option on all our watches.

Finally, you will notice that the minute index are all the same in these renderings, we are still taking your thoughts on this and will adjust the minute index as we gather more information, but currently this intermediate version appear to be the most popular.  If you disagree please see our post dedicated to the minute index and give us your thoughts.


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Who Says Two Is Better Than One?

In general if you ask someone if they would like two or one most people will say two.  When Daniel and I were discussing the merits of the two hands on a watch face there were two specific aspects of the classic watch face that we were looking at.  The first was that in order to read the classic watch your eyes actually need to scan two distinct locations, depending on how you do it first is the hour and then the minute location (or vice versa) and from there there is a process of decryption to come to the time that we commonly understand or would communicate. Then we looked at how the digital watch worked, this is a single look and the answer merely needs to be read – there is no decryption process.

hourglass on a black background
The hourglass was one of the first time keeping instruments, there was only one point to look at.

The hour glass was one of the very first time keeping instruments, although very rudimentary when we compare it to today’s watches the interesting thing we noticed was that it is read at a single location, although it has to be admitted there is a lot of decryption and maybe some mental arithmetic to be done to keep the time.

Even before a mechanical movement though the concept of complications was alive to bring more accuracy to the process of timekeeping.  The Chinese were particularly adept at this and came up with some quite sophisticated sun dials, this one is particularly intricate with two needles and various inclinations for the platen which I would imagine are there to incline depending on the month of the year.  Once again the human desire towards complication was at the fore even back then.

Chinese sun dial with dual pin and inclined bases
This Chinese sundial had two hands – a complication of an earlier age.

The discussion that Daniel and I pursued was to simplify the process, a single point to receive all the information needed to tell the time and reduce any process of decryption.  We were looking at the digital watch for the simplicity in reading the time but wanted to ensure that we kept a mechanical movement. it was the challenge of simplification of reading the time trying to reduce the decryption process and maintain the mechanical movement that led us to SNGLRTY.

The solution to our challenge was to send the minutes backwards – how we got to that?  I really cannot remember, that has been lost in the mist of time.

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Circle of Innovation

It is almost 3 years ago when Daniel and I had the conversation that was the genesis of SNGLRTY and it is quite interesting to look back on the whole process.  It is also very enjoyable to look back at all the documents and iterations we have been through and see how the core of the concept that Daniel and I discussed that evening has remained constant.

Design process for SNGLRTY watch in pictures.
SNGLRTY development process from top left 1) beer mat design from the first conversation 2) Drawings for patent application 3) Initial renderings for the watch case 4) one of the first prototypes

I posted the graphic here on social media under the title of “Stages of Innovation”. I was very surprised by the number of comments and the feedback I received.  In particular people asking for more explanation of the drawings and where they fitted in the process – so here it is, starting from the top left and going clockwise:

The first drawing, yes that is the back of a bar mat and it was after a couple of glasses of wine.  If you look closely even the mathematics is correct and both Daniel and I have signed it (it was our development contract).  This was around April 2015 although it took us a while to get confidence we had something really unique.

Next is the line drawing we created for the patent application, as you can see in the final version this needed quite an intricate description to ensure the key aspects of our initial schematic were captured. This process resulted in all the numbers and references dotted over the drawing.  We started these drawings in August of 2015 and filed the patent application in November 2015.

March 2016 saw us start the design of the watch case, this was one of the very first design concepts and the one that the final design was based on.

There were a few celebrations when we received the first prototype in August 2016, it has to be admitted that it did not work perfectly first time – but it was still a very enjoyable week and put a smile on my face.  The watch shown here is one of the 20 pieces of our Zero series and is the one my wife configured – she is much better at choosing colours than I am!

There has been a significant period from that first prototype to our launch on crowdfunding which has been taken up ensuring that all our production base is in place so that we will not disappoint any of our backers.  We hope you enjoy our story, there has been a lot of hard work to get here and we are delighted to be able to bring SNGLRTY to market and introduce our unique delivery of time.

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Our Date Debate

We have been sharing images of our new watch for a few weeks now and we have been flattered by all the comments and and feedback we have received, the vast majority of it has been extremely supportive and has been extremely encouraging to both Daniel and myself.  There has, though, been one area that has created a great deal of comment and has been the source of the majority of the critical feedback we have received – the date!

A close up of the date aperture
The date on SNGLRTY has been designed to be over-sized to give easy reading

There have been a number of different comments, but the majority have been all about the size of the date and the fact that it appears that the date aperture is too small for  viewing the date clearly – this is particularly the case for all the dates over 19.

Well, I have to tell the world this was done deliberately.

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the development of the SNGLRTY module, that manages the rotation of the minute disc and the date disc, was how to manage the movement of the date.  Historically this was handled by leaving the date disc below the module, on top of the movement and magnifying it so that it was readable.  We were not happy with that solution so one of the criteria we had in the development of our module was to bring the date drive through the SNGLRTY module and to the top so that the date disc could be on top of the SNGLRTY module and place it in the most readable position as possible.

In order to bring improve the readability a bit more we decided to increase the size of the date numerals to a point where it was as big as we could possibly make them, this resulted in the dates from 20 ~ 31 being larger than the aperture and when we tried it we liked it and in particular we found it increased readability as there seemed no way to confuse the date even with the very edge of some of the numerals not visible.

So that is the story of the date on our 20 prototype watches, but that does not mean the first launch series needs to be like this, do let us know your thoughts and we will take them all into consideration before we push the button on manufacturing the next batch of date discs.

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Where it Started

Daniel and I started this journey in early 2015, it was a bit of a random conversation over a couple of glasses of wine.  That conversation was the start of this journey to bring #SNGLRTY to the world.

At university I studied engineering and whilst I never practiced as an engineer in any way shape or form the analytic discipline that those four years foisted on me was where some of the initial thinking came from.  We were talking about a watch in its basic form – the energy store (spring), a motor (balance wheel) and a gear box (escapement & gears that allow the various time intervals to be displayed) – and as I thought about that the similarities to a internal combustion engine was not lost on me.

It was the gear box element that really started to catch my thinking as Daniel and I discussed the whole concept of how time has been displayed in the classic model.  How can we change it, make it different, so that we move away from the classic presentation of time on a watch face that needs decryption to something that is focused more on the solution.  Just playing around with this in my head I thought ‘what about a reverse gear?‘  Once we were able to put that into the mix the concept began to really take shape and the final design was scrawled on the back of a beer mat.


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Hello World

SNGLRTY  (sɪŋɡjʊˈlarɪti) – the state, fact, quality, or condition of being singular

This, we felt, was an apt name for our new watch with a singular point on the face to read the time.  It has been almost 3 years since our first concept to the launch and we are very pleased we have made it this far, there were moments when we were not too sure.  Please do sign up to receive our newsletters to keep up to date with the development, all those on our mailing list will receive special offers throughout our coming campaigns.