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What Are People Saying?

We are down to the last week and still a way to go, but we have been energised by the feedback we have received from everyone, in particular those we have had the pleasure of showing our Zero Series to.  Just in case you have missed it or are teetering on the decision on whether to support us or not, here is the feedback with a few relevant photographs – please enjoy this, we are certainly feeling good about it! And click HERE to support us!

“If anyone is teetering on the edge of backing this watch, don’t hesitate. It is certainly one of a kind.”

“So there was I sold on the OHI2 and now I’m seriously considering upgrading my pledge to the OHI3. The domed sapphire does an amazing job to ‘pop’ the face of the SNGLRTY. The colour sheens used for the dials are very subtle indeed. I’m torn!”

“Pulling out the crown to change the time shows the true synchronicity of the counter-rotating minute dial and hour hand. Ingenious.”

“I was reading your blog on SwissReimagined and there’s a lot of great detail there about how your design came about… …Amazing work! I even glanced over the 11-page patent (makes you weep).”

“I suspect most people who glance at this campaign simply won’t get what you’ve achieved.”

“Outstanding design guys, well done! Look forward to receiving my order.”  

“Clearly a lot of design thinking and technical craftsmanship has gone into this little beauty.”

“Our eyes were wide opened. Big grins on our faces. These watches are something special. Build quality is second to none. I’m now even more excited and can’t wait to receive my customised model!”

“I can’t wait to get my hands on this little design marvel!”

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Making Watch Making History

We have had a number of additional questions and feedback from all sides including professionals, collectors, aficionados, media, retailers and people who love the unique.  Steve and I are very motivated by all the feedback.  Here is a summary of the important points you should remember:

Do Not Forget…

SNGLRTY is the first single-hand watch with easily readable minute indication with a single moving hour hand – this is a patented display and you have the opportunity to have one of the VERY FIRST ever sold.

You will never get this offer again….we know this because Steve and I have the patent.


This really is a unique opportunity to be involved in this evolution in the display of time.  SNGLRTY is made in SWITZERLAND, each one will be individually numbered and engraved at a one-time-only BACKERS INTRODUCTION PRICE. When the campaign is over the prices will at least double!


The OHI2 execution of SNGLRTY is limited to 200 pieces, each piece will be individually number and inscribed on the back to commemorate the public launch of SNGLRTY.

Only those who back us during the campaign will have the opportunity to select their preferred colour combinations at the launch price – did I mention that the prices will at least double after the campaign ends?

See It In Person

You can see one of our prototypes at many locations around the world including London, New York City, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Switzerland.  If you would like to see one before you buy – just get in touch and we will do our best to arrange a viewing for you.

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First The Date – Now The Minutes

Steve started off asking all our supporters about the date aperture and from that we received a number of comments about the minute disc and the combination of fonts on the prototypes we have been displaying.  All the feedback has been very gratefully received.

One areas we have received consistent feedback on is the number of fonts we are using, many have said that 3 fonts is too many and we would agree.  Believe it or not we have used only 2 fonts, the date and minute indexes are the same font with the hour differentiated with a contrasting font.  That said, in hindsight, we can certainly see where this confusion has come from with our oversize numerals on the date disc.

But what we were not expecting was the number of comments about the minute disc, this has sent us back to the drawing board and we have come up with a few concepts, we would be delighted to receive your thoughts.

Design comparisons for the minute index in SNGLRTY watch
SNGLRTY – Comparison of Prototype (Left) and Low Resolution Index (Right)


SNGLRTY – Graphic Representation if Intermediate Resolution Index

All the iterations make the minute display larger but the presentation if the minutes have different degrees of accuracy indicated on the index.  Above is the least accurate where we have indicated the 2.5 minute point between the 5 minute numerals with a red dot.

Our intermediate solution here looks great and is really clean but whilst we call this an intermediate resolution it will indicate the time accurately.  If we look at the  minutes from 25 to 30, the numerals have been sized so that 25 is in the mid point between the 2 and the 5, and 26 is indicated on the very right hand side of the 5, 27 and 28 are shown by the index markers and 29 is the very left hand side of the 3 of the 30.  Thus it is possible to tell the time accurately, this enlargement with the overlay will hopefully make the preceding explanation more clear.

The minute movements indicated by overlay


SNGLRTY – Graphic representation of high resolution minute index

Our final version provides the same degree of accuracy but is simpler to immediately understand with index marks for all minutes.  In this representation the minute aperture is not large enough, but, should we choose this route, that will be fixed.

We are open to all your thoughts, please post them up  on our website and we promise to take them all into consideration.

And a big thank you to all those who have already helped us, we love to hear from you.

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How We Started

I actually did not know Steve that well when we started our journey with SNGLRTY but admired his entrepreneurial spirit.

I love the stories and the people behind them.

My professional life so far has always focused on products; I never intended to go in this direction, but looking back my interests were in architecture, design and fashion but also technology and, being Swiss,  this almost naturally lead me to watches.

And here I am. Having followed a career of making watches and helping in the development of other patents, after a conversation with Steve in a bar we end up creating our own watch brand – SNGLRTY.

It has been, so far, a fantastic journey, with lots of excitement, ups and downs and long periods waiting for others to get back to us. And between that we have been managing projects to pay the bills. Not only that, but for me the journey started in Hong Kong but has brought me back to my birthplace, Switzerland, after 10 years of living and working in Hong Kong.

One of the joys of returning to Switzerland has been to meet up and work with many of my old contacts in the Jura Mountains, the watchmaking core of Switzerland – and making new acquaintances too.

Only during the development phase of SNGLRTY did we begin to understand how unique SNGLRTY is, yet so simple, and opening up a whole new world of new creations that remain true to the OHI (One Hand Indication) concept. Yes, we are not the first with a Single-Hand concept but definitely the only ones presenting the minutes on 360 degrees that delivers time in one place.

We are excited to launch our crowdfunding campaigns and are already working on the next iteration of SNGLRTY – an evolution in time.