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The Questions Have Been Coming Thick and Fast – Answers Here

Q: What is Swiss Reimagined?

Swiss Reimagined is a niche Swiss watch brand that started with the vision of challenging expectations and the status quo. Along this journey we challenged ourselves to develop a watch that was in keeping with our ethos, and those discussions led to SNGLRTY  

Q: Who are Stephen Mansfield and Daniel Blunschi?

Stephen Mansfield is an engineer by training and a serial entrepreneur, Daniel Blunschi has worked in the watch industry for over 30 years. They have both been instrumental in the creation and development of Swiss Reimagined as a watch brand.

Q: Where will SNGLRTY be in five years?

Daniel and Steve have lots of ideas on how to develop the SNGLRTY concept across many distinctive watches.  They are looking forward to releasing them all over the coming years.

Q: What will happen if my SNGLRTY watch breaks in two years?

SNGLRTY comes with a two year international warranty, if anything happens to your watch all you need to do is contact us and we will arrange for it to be repaired as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Q: Where did the idea about SNGLRTY come about?

Daniel and Steve were discussing the watches, the next step for Swiss Reimagined over a cold beer in Hong Kong and they came up with the idea.

Q: Where is the SNGLRTY patented?

A:  SNGLRTY is patented in the USA

Q: What happens if the Crowdfunding targets are not met?  

Swiss Reimagined has secured funding from investors for the initial release of their patented one handed watch so the watches will be made and every backer will have the opportunity to receive one at the special launch price.

Q:  Now that SNGLRTY has secured investment for the initial release will it still be available on the crowdfunding platforms at the launch price?

The crowdfunding campaigns will continue until 31 March 2018 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with the opportunity to reserve one of these unique limited edition watch at the special launch price.

Q: How much will SNGLRTY be after the Crowdfunding campaign ends?

Prices will increase by about two times.

Q: When will SNGLRTY be available via retailers?

The goal is to have SNGLRTY available through retail channels by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Q: Is OHI2 only limited edition?

Every watch that is purchased through the crowdfunding campaigns will be clearly identified as a backer’s watch, so in that respect every watch is a limited edition and for the OHI2 there will be initial backers version and a regular version.  We will be making no more than 200 pieces of these. For the OHI3 and OHI4 each watch will be numbered and we do not expect to make more than 100 of these before we change the design. Every one of these watches will be very unique.

Q: When will I receive my SNGLRTY watch if I have invested on Crowdfunding platforms?

We have committed to deliver the watches to our backers by the end of September 2018, for some backers who have opted for luminescence this may delay their watch by a month.  You can be assured that we will be providing regular updates or you can contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Will I need to pay import tax if I am not in Switzerland or Hong Kong?

You will be responsible for any import duties or VAT or other government levies in the import process.  We will contact you before shipping to ensure this process is as smooth and pain free as possible.

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