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A Big Thanks

Daniel has been thanking all our supporters who lent their skills to help us achieve our ambition for making SNGLRTY a reality but along the way there were a large number of other processionals who helped us get to where we are today.  Their contribution may not be as visible and tangible but were equally important on our journey.

In this group our most important was Benjamin Hanrihan of Hanrahan Law Firm.  For Daniel and I this was our first patent application and Benjamin was extremely patient with us and took the time to explain every step of the process.  At each point he took the time to ensure we were fully informed of what needed to be achieved and was always available to answer all our questions.  It was a pleasure doing business with him and, should we ever dream up another innovation I for one will be beating a track to Benjamin’s door.

Next on the list has to be Josh Gerben at Gerben Law Firm.  I have been working with Josh for a number of years now registering numerous trademarks.  His service is without exception flawless and he has helped us negotiate two settlement agreements with regard to potential trademark conflicts.  He continues to do work with us and I hold him in high regard. 

We not only had to apply for our patent in the US but when we came to manufacturing SNGLRTY in Switzerland we had to complete a conflicts check.  Here we spoke to the team at e-Patent who provided us with a very efficient and incisive conflicts check process.  Again a group we would highly recommend.

For a bit more of the fun stuff we had a great experience with Digital Business Lab based in Hong Kong. The team led by Adrien de Lavenère-Lussan came up with a number of great ideas and, we think, delivered an excellent final product (you will get to see it on 28 February).  Their attention to detail and ability to bring in a quality production on a tight budget was much appreciated.

Last but not least is Roxy Ogilvy Watson who has been doing a stellar job managing all our social media and developing our media launch strategy.  She has recently set up her own business RareMC and we are proud to be one of her first clients.

Thank you to you all.


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